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South Bend Heavy 10 Crossslide | The Hobby-Machinist So in the final stages of getting my South Bend heavy 10 ready to start making chips, I have a compound cross slide coming from eBay. I’m curious what the T slot size is for the tool holder. Will my existing stuff fit it? Could someone measure theirs and give me the dimensions. Boxford slotted cross slide | Model Engineer | Forum I recollect that slotted cross slides were available but have lost track of suppliers and would be very grateful if someone would point me in the right direction.I case you were not aware the Boxford is closne of the Southbend 9 in most respects - except for the headstock on which the Boxford is... South Bend 9 compound cross slide removal - YouTube This is for my 1933 version... Looking at some other South Bend 9's there seem to have been several versions of the compound cross slide used over the years. South Bend, lathe(9-10k Doublecross Slide)

1934 South Bend Model 405Z- 9 inch Workshop Lathe May 02-2006 So I now have a mill with a working Digital Read Out. I'm thinking that it is time to get back to working on the tilt and pan mount for the security camera, but at the same time, I am also looking for a lathe.

South bend lathe model 9C 19371940 cross slide nut Parametric v-slot slide nut SCAD file for 20 series extrusion. Printed nuts work just like the metal ones you get in printer kits or on eBay.I will have other pieces for this same lathe, change gears, cross slide nut, top slide handle, Plus whatever I need to replace because it is missing or worn out. "cross slide" 3D Models to Print - yeggi

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Feb 09, 2019 · According to the PM article, we need a 5/16 t slot cutter, and a 1.375 inch 60 degree cutter. I don't know if there's a difference with the Southbend MLA cross slide. I still have to figure out the professional way to sort out the 21/32" dimension with a 5/16 t slot cutter. SOUTH BEND 9& Lathe Cross Slide - $35.00 | PicClick

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