Toram online 2 slot bandana

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This is my 2nd time to get 2 slotted armor. Please enjoy the vid ^^

Emblem List. Daily Emblems ... Play 2 hours in total: Character Slot +1 【Fight in the Place You Like! ... 【Welcome to Toram Online ... [EDIT:2/21 3:10 PM(JST)]Free Skill & Stats ... - The number of resets available = no. of character slots owned (as of 2/21/2019 before the maintenance) x 10 ... Toram Online Official Website ©ASOBIMO,Inc. Item and Equipment Drops - Unofficial Toram Online Forum Marubaro Forest Colon - lvl 1 Item Drop - Colon leaf Colon - lvl 2 Item Drop - Colon leaf, Unripe nut, Bundled leaves Colonmet - lvl 2 Item Dr

These are your all your necessary skills atm. Early Smith lvl2 Process Mats 1, Refine 5, Create Equip 5, Upgrade Equip 5 Mid-game Smith lvl2 Process Mats 1, Refine Equip 5, Create Equip 5, Careful Creation 10, Upgrade Equip 5, Novice Anvil 3 Blacksmithing is hard work and labor intensive. Only way to lvl a…

Toram online indonesia: item dan drop monster toram … Panduan bermain toram online. Item dan drop monster toram online indonesia. RPG Toram Online скачать 3.2.66 на Android

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Spiky Bandana is an item in Toram-Online. Toggle navigation Toram ... Base DEF 12, DEX 2%, Accuracy 20, Long Range Damage 2%. ... Official Toram Website; Additional Gear | Toram Online Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Additional Gear is the 4th slot of your Equipment page in Toram. ... Bandana 7~12 Dodge+2 ... Toram Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. guide | Ruined Temple & Town ©2016 by Toram Online's Infinite Flame Guild. This is not the official Toram Online page, we are in no way apart of ASOBIMO or its affiliates.

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