Heroes and generals recon equipment slots

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Recon seems like a pain to level for but that's a good thing. This is one of the few FPSes where there isn't a whole bunch of snipers sitting around being useless. ... I think the defining characteristic of Heroes & Generals is that it makes you wish you were playing a better WW2 game. ... (The T2 one takes up a lot of equipment slots too I ...

Characters - Official Heroes & Generals Wiki Able to spawn in Recon and Mechanized Recon Assault Teams. Recon can use Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Mechanized Recon and motorbikes in Motorized Recon. 7 5 208k or 4900 : Tank Crew: Able to spawn in Tank Assault Teams. Spawns inside a tank of the specific Portable Radio Equipment Makes Recon More Useful! - Action ... It looks like alot but its worth the read: I think it would be a pretty good idea to add a portable radio to the game that recon soldiers can carry on themselves for ~2 equipment slots. With the radio, you can set Clear Area coordinates that arent restricted to just Heroes And Generals Recon Slots - tak.com.my

The Weapons/Equipment usable by each soldier is divided into 4 categories: ... Recon can access a 8x scope: 92,000 1,100. 5 ... About Heroes & Generals Wiki; Disclaimers;

US vs German Recon : HeroesandGenerals The US recon needs to be worked on badly if they wish to keep it truly balanced. So if I were you I would keep an American infantry as a sniper instead of using the BS USA Recon right now and just keep your equipment slots and the ability to spawn more often as well as APC's/Mobile AA.

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Heroes & Generals General Gameplay Talk - Steam Community Feb 25, 2015 ... One session factory assault Money earnt for my 12 lvl Recon Free to play ... class apart from one extra badge slot....and an extra equipment slot. From Russia with love: Heroes & Generals update adds Soviet faction ... Mar 2, 2015 ... Reto-Moto's been working on one of Heroes & Generals largest updates. Not content with ... to fight over. Check out some of the Soviet faction's gear in the launch trailer: .... There can be one vehicle spawn per character slot. A squad is .... Moved US unlock of German s-mine from recon level 9 to level 11. Gamasutra - Press Releases- HEROES & GENERALS WWII NOW ON ... Apr 21, 2019 ... Copenhagen, Denmark:Heroes Generals WWII from RETO MOTO, is now ... Combat Badge Slot per character; 4th Equipment Slot; +5% Squad XP Bonus ... The game offers the ability to engage as infantry, recon, tank crew, ... Update 1.12 "Deploy! Drive! Destroy!" Discussion Thread ...

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, USA, a Vietnam war hero who later served .... Getting the troops and equipment of the 7th Marine Expeditionary Brigade ..... squadron, an air group, and a wing and had flown fighter, reconnaissance, and ..... The regiment's 1st Battalion deployed to Okinawa where it filled a vacated slot.

Imperial Agent - TOR Fashion - MMO Fashion Oct 14, 2013 ... Click on each image below to go to a specific post for each armor set where ... Recon Spotter ..... War Hero Field Medic/Enforcer Rated (Imp). Skybound Expansion - Phase 2 | Official MapleStory 2 Website